Everyone in our family knew not to schedule things on Sat during football season. (m)

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By spuds51 on 15:45:24 09/10/19
[In reply to "kids are screwing up my football routines to the point where I can't really catch OSU games live..." by Brutus, posted at 15:03:05 09/10/19]

: Thankfully I never run into a situation where there was a birthday party on game day. It really only comes down to 12 or 13 days a year, there are 352 other days to do family things.

at least so far this year. I watched stretches of the Cincy game live but needed to wait until night to watch the thing full on youtube. FAU was my kid's bday party so I saw the first 3 TDs and then decided to be sociable with people.

: primetime games I can zero in on because the kids are in bed. it happens. definitely not watching the same amount of CF as a few years ago. Life happens and you have to adjust and I'm not enough of a prick to put doing things with and for my kids behind watching college football or even OSU live. last year for the Michigan game we were driving back from a Thanksgiving mini vacation. that was brutal but radio saved the day. what was sacred now is compromised for me I suppose. but for the right reasons IMO

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