I am losing my joy of watching due to the SEC bias and deliberate attempts by the media to ..

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By SWBuckeye on 18:21:47 09/10/19
[In reply to "I think a fascinating topic was uncovered below: B1G Country has lost interest in CFB (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 14:40:04 09/10/19]

..saturate the playoffs with SEC teams. The constant drumbeat of how awesome the SEC conference is and how they do not need to play tough out of conference opponents because the league is so tough.
I am convinced that the only way Ohio State can get into the playoffs is a perfect season.
A standard the SEC teams are not being held to.
For me It makes the season less enjoyable knowing the odds of playing for a title are almost impossible. Perfect seasons are rare. And when your particlular school is held to a higher standard than the media anointed conference - the SEC - it makes enjoying the games difficult because you know perfection is the only way in.
The last two years and this year have taken the luster off the games for me.

I'm trying to just enjoy them like I used to before Alabama became the media darling. And now it's Clemson with their joke of a schedule.

Ahh. Enough ranting.

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