Yea, concerned about players health having to compete in the heat...

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By Moonmadness on 19:42:03 09/10/19
[In reply to "Saban bitching about day games. Play someone with a pulse and it will be prime time *" by HoustonBuck, posted at 19:27:29 09/10/19]

He had similar concerns a few years ago about the no huddle offenses putting players health at risk. Such a caring guy. That had nothing to do with the no huddle creating problems for his defense..,

But I am still scratching my head a little about why he isn't so concerned about the health of the FCS teams they like to play. Lining up his 5 stars against teams like The Citadel with much smaller players, limited budgets, and less scholarships players puts those players at risk? I guess he just hasn't thought about it.

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