Getting ESPN on the payroll was what consumated the marriage. The retard population believes what the TV..

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By Former Dante Lee fan on 20:14:35 09/10/19
[In reply to "The SEC had been fighting a war for the soul of college football. Breaking up the Rose Bowl and creating a conference " by 8NCs7Heismans, posted at 18:29:22 09/10/19]

Tells them to do, and tells them what happened. After being brainwashed by the T.V. and newspapers, the zombie/retard population never questions what the tv or newspaper says....and the very few who do are categorized as kooks. Most have to work all the time to pay for their kids, and are consumed by their kids, family life, etc. All the while your TV fakes constant shootings to get the weapons of the USA population...all true, and a very, very big problem. Go Bucks.

Championship Game was the first huge battle they won.

: SEC fans want the “South to Rise Again” via college football.

: The rest is the country is slowly becoming irrelevant.

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