On one hand, I completely agree with you. On another, the game itself and the rules have become entirely too complex for

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By 1flybuckeye on 15:02:23 04/01/24
[In reply to "Its really sad how bad basketball reffing has gotten *" by Walt Grace, posted at 18:57:07 03/31/24]

any official to officiate the game properly. Plus, the speed at which the game is played now too makes it even harder.

Football has the benefit of the stoppages between each play, but to ask officials to be looking for what seems like a zillion different things leads them to miss things. Fans of either team playing will see things the ref didn't and will undoubtedly get upset and think they're getting hosed.

It's the only sport I know where you can legitimately talk to fans of the two different teams who played and each feels that they got screwed by the refs...and I think it is possible too for both to be right about it.

In most other sports, there is a general consensus about which team got screwed more by the refs, if one did at all in the first place. Not basketball. It is an insanely wild game, with guidelines more than actual rules.

Far too much in the rule book and far too subjective, which leads to the inconsistencies seen in the officiating itself. It's set up for failure from the beginning.

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