They can be behind the "ability" of men AND be a more compelling game and sport.

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By Poisonut on 08:55:11 04/02/24
[In reply to "Women’s Basketball and Soccer are just hard to watch … not one step but many steps below the Men’s game …." by JerseyBuck, posted at 08:14:23 04/02/24]

There's little beyond Ohio State MBB that I really found compelling or pulled me in. Say what you want about the women's game, they have some compelling and superstar players. Beyond Edey, I couldn't really name 1 in the men's game.

: Hard to get past the lower level of athleticism. (On a side note it’s absolutely insane for men to compete against women in any sport.)

: The only thing interesting about last night Iowa vs LSU game was Clark’s long range shooting … everything else was a big “meh”

: Love women’s softball and golf, so I’m not some women’s sports hater.

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