Just a small point of clarification, it’ not that LSU didn’t stand for the NA it’s they stayed in the locker room.

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By Porsche on 11:22:56 04/02/24
[In reply to "And I would add one thing … shame on LSU for not standing for the National Anthem … ignorance is the only kind word" by JerseyBuck, posted at 10:23:04 04/02/24]

: Word I can come up with … so sick of the behavior …

: If you are so oppressed become a politician and get on the band wagon and promise to do something about it so you can do nothing but pander and preach racism (or whatever else your oppressed jam is ) for reelection purposes … or get a DEI job so you can implement racist policies to get rid of or not hire whitie. And figure out a way to keep Clark from playing in the wnba …

Which is something Mulkey has done since she came to LSU. She pulls the team into the locker room post warm-ups and comes out a couple of minutes before the tip. I’m not saying it’s right but clarifying her process.

Also, the LSU football team has been in the locker room for the past 20 years for the NA.

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