these 2 women’s sports just not my thing …

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By JerseyBuck on 11:58:22 04/02/24
[In reply to "I don’t really spend a second worrying about the comparison when watching womens sports. Why does that matter? " by Buck the Trend, posted at 11:17:05 04/02/24]

We are coming off of an elite 8 weekend in the men’s ball and (other than Illinois UConn) was great competition, fast paced, athletic beyond normal human experience … women’s game not so much.

And if OSU played football every game like it did in the cotton bowl vs Missouri, you are correct, I wouldn’t be watching that low level of play either.

: It would be like saying OSU football isn’t that enjoyable because the team would get smoked if they played an NFL team. So what? How does that impact my viewing experience?

: The best women athletes cannot compete with the best men athletes … the average women athlete cannot compete with the average men athlete … that is just a fact.

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