Toughness and physicality. I am very much enjoying that this team revels in punishing the opponent and whipping the

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By Smartwater on 16:31:01 10/08/19
[In reply to "Really couldn’t ask for a better start out of Day and program. Really like the following:" by 8NCs7Heismans, posted at 15:02:46 10/08/19]

guy's ass that is across from them. Day told his staff in January that he wanted pitbulls who won't stop biting until their last breath. And Coach Mick and his staff delivered that around August 1. Marotti probably did his best work ever this year. OSU always ran fast and was in shape. But this team is savage. They are abusive. And it is a joy to behold. For all that Meyer preached and believed in toughness, I thought he had some teams fold up the tent in a few games. I don't see that happening with this group. Ride or die. Oh, and the fact this team is also one of the smartest I have seen in some time, only adds to the optimism for a special second half.

: Toughness and Physicality
: In game adjustments
: Simplified Defense
: Playing Freshman
: Day’s Presence on the sideline
: Staff Alignment

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