We would have matched up much better than Clem, we have the corners to play man effectively and force them to go to 3rd

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By duke_buck on 22:37:09 01/13/20
[In reply to "No college D could stop this LSU offense. 5 wide - all will play on Sunday...." by jh6847, posted at 22:27:23 01/13/20]

options and running game. Our D-line would have been much more impactful than Clem, speeding up his clock. And we had the offense against this average defense to hurt them in ways Clem couldn't. We may have lost, it would have been a shootout, but we'd be very competitive.

: Joe throwing dimes!
: RB is really good!
: Line is good!

: Would have liked to see them put the last one in though. Just to rub a little salt in the wound.

: Those thinking OSU could have stopped them - I do not think so. Even with Wade.

: JA, DA, and SW - could match up ok. But then who matches with the other two receivers? That is where Joe would have beaten us.

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