I’ve hated the targeting penalty since its inception. And its actually got worse.(m)

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By Tatum on 23:10:38 01/13/20
[In reply to "Looks like Clemson got a taste of Karma with the TD called back as well as the targeting call.*" by BayAreaBuck, posted at 22:53:28 01/13/20]

You want to Eliminate the huge decleating blindside hits to the head? Fine. Just off the top of my head, the Roby hit on the Iowa TE was horrible. Hit him in the chest. Mouthpiece flew out and they toss him. Denzel Wards hit was epic. The flag and review to toss him was tragic. Those didn’t cost OsU the game. The Wade hit wasn’t even flagged on the field. Changed the momentum AND removed a key player from the field.

I think the Clemson targeting call tonight was horrible as well.

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