Put Joe on the 2018 Buckeye team and I have zero doubt he would have been fabulous (m)

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By Barrett777 on 03:47:00 01/14/20
[In reply to "All of that is true. But my point stands. 3 yrs of Haskins/Fields > 2 yrs of Burrow. (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 03:37:51 01/14/20]

It does not matter though because he was not here.

Thus all speculation.

Joe was tailor made for the Offense OSU ran this year, and in years prior to 2018. Joe's mobility is a big thing. Not only taking off and making big gains, but also moving around in the pocket buying time and finding receivers deep. Joe would have flourished if coached further by Urban, Ryan Day, and Kevin Wilson. I do not believe Joe Brady is better than the OSU coaches. I do believe the OSU coaches are significantly better than the LSU coaches Joe had last year.

OSU had a great QB in Dwayne, and has a great QB in Justin Fields.

History changed when Joe got hurt in 2017. If Joe never gets hurt he would have been the OSU starter in 2018 IMO. Does not matter though because he got hurt, and Dwayne came in and played well and the rest is history.

LSU does not win a Natty if Joe never got hurt. That is one thing I am confident of.

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