You do not know that. Let me challenge the speculation (m)

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By Barrett777 on 04:11:13 01/14/20
[In reply to "We won as many games in 2018 w/Haskins as we would’ve won with Burrow or Tom Brady, because of that Defense. *" by buckeyecurt, posted at 03:50:54 01/14/20]

Purdue loss.

OSU gave up 49 points. 7 due to pick 6. Defense gives up 42 points in that loss.

Purdue ended with #83 scoring Defense. In the Urban era with his better teams typically OSU named their score against teams with defenses like this. OSU should have scored 50+ against that D IMO.

OSU was 0-5 Scoring TDs in the Red Zone in that game. When Urban has dual threat QBs he had one of the best Red Zone TD Scoring Offenses.

OSU missed some wide open WRs open deep in that game also in opening quarters.

Auburn with their Offense put up 56 points at Halftime against that same D. OSU should have been able to match that in 4 full quarters. If they do they win by two TDs.

All speculation, but reasonable given the opponent. Purdue had a good Offense, and a bad Defense.

No one can prove it either way.

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