I have no problem with who they chose but you made it sound like it wasn't even close between them

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By spuds51 on 05:00:15 01/14/20
[In reply to "Any human saying last night proves that we picked the wrong QB in 2018 needs to quit with that. (m)" by buckeyecurt, posted at 03:12:59 01/14/20]

I remember very well the discussions that we had about the two. I believed that Joe was the better fit for Urban's offense because of his running ability. Haskins was a great QB and like I said they had to make a decision but I maintained then as I do now that he never made one pass that Burrow couldn't have.
As I said, I remember what you had to say about Joe and frankly...you were wrong.

Haskins was in NY as a Heisman finalist after an unprecedented season. We then got Fields who ended up in NY as a Heisman finalist after an unbelievable season.

: And then there’s the biggest piece of the puzzle: We get another year of Fields that will bridge the gap to Stroud. This is truly an example of a win-win for both tOSU & LSU.

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