Burrow was just another dude last year...Haskins was special.

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By nospreaddefense on 05:13:55 01/14/20
[In reply to "I have no problem with who they chose but you made it sound like it wasn't even close between them" by spuds51, posted at 05:00:15 01/14/20]

Burrow would have got killed last year if he was our quarterback. Urban picked the best QB at the time ans was 100% right to pick Haskins. We had zero running game and Haskins had like 1 second to lock and load and fire which he did at an amazing rate of accuracy. Burrows was just another dude last year and that was evidents by his TD passes. 1/3 of Haskins. Dont do revisionist history like politcal people do.

: I remember very well the discussions that we had about the two. I believed that Joe was the better fit for Urban's offense because of his running ability. Haskins was a great QB and like I said they had to make a decision but I maintained then as I do now that he never made one pass that Burrow couldn't have.
: As I said, I remember what you had to say about Joe and frankly...you were wrong.

: Haskins was in NY as a Heisman finalist after an unprecedented season. We then got Fields who ended up in NY as a Heisman finalist after an unbelievable season.

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