Agree with almost all of this. The mistake, IMO, was playing JTB in B1G champ game (m)

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By Buck Soup on 06:03:00 01/14/20
[In reply to "Burrow became a monster. who knows what happens if he stays...what I do know..." by Brutus, posted at 04:22:00 01/14/20]

At that point, your choices are:
1) go for the B1G crown in the most sure way, or
2) go for the playoff.

JTB, with a bad wheel and no practice (and a 0-31 CFP game in his history), sufficed for #1 but essentially gave us no shot at the CFP.

Our chances of losing went up if Urban played Haskins vs. Wisky, but IMO so would our chances of blowing Wisky out and sneaking into the CFP again, ala Cardale.

: Is OSU went what 26-2 with 2 league titles, rose bowl win and playoff appearance in a game where even Danielson says OSU outplayed clemson and was the better team and the 2 QBs OSU had those 2 years went for 8696 total yards 106 total TDs and 11 total INTs. Not a terrible 2md prize given the unknown of what Burrow would have been here.

: I think there's every chance Burrow at OSU in 2018 would have had a huge year and been in a spot to go pro. And therefore 2019 at OSU wouldn't have been an option. Regardless it's very tough to look at the results and the qb play and say osu/meyer/day/whoever made any kind of mistake.

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