It needs to stop. It’s easy to look back now and question the decision, but there are too many variables to consider.

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By BuckeyeGirl on 07:03:53 01/14/20
[In reply to "Burrow vs Haskins should move to it’s own forum" by sjb, posted at 06:53:45 01/14/20]

We don’t know what kind of numbers Burrow would have put up at Ohio State. What we do know is Haskins broke BiG ten passing records last season. At that time, the coaches thought Haskins was the best choice for the team. Just accept it and move on.

: We went forever without a true NFL caliber QB. Now we want to kick dirt on the 7th pick who had the greatest season of all time at the position. Love Joe, but Haskins is the man and won the position. Biggest positive with keeping Joe is he would not have been playing for LSU last night...

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