Not arguing for either, but LSU's offense (line, coordinator, etc.) was totally different this year than last. ITs a

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By wigmon on 07:06:59 01/14/20
[In reply to "Last year Haskins beat out Burrow and had a much better season than Burrow. Idk what else can be said. This was 2018. *" by beanie-weanie, posted at 06:33:46 01/14/20]

much more reasonable comparison to use the 2019 Joe Burrow version.

Who is better is a matter of opinion, but as a coach, I'd probably value Burrow's overall package as of today (not saying that was the case 2 years ago). Haskins has a better arm and quicker release. Joe has better touch, better running and escapability and I believe more poise. I believe Burrow will be the better pro QB.

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