If the players getting the cash are not coming back is it a violation?*

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By Writer on 08:40:02 01/14/20
[In reply to "LSU players do the most LSU thing ever..." by 1flybuckeye, posted at 08:38:30 01/14/20]

: SIAP and Germans - but LSU players lit stogies in locker room post-game...not a good look imo regardless of the kids being of age to smoke. Not something I would like OSU doing or condoning despite the recent natty win.

: Moreso what I am pissed about - I saw a Twitter video of OBJ literally handing cash directly to LSU WRs...How in the BLEEP is this not an NCAA violation? On national tv, in front of the entire country...are they still not college athletes? Accepting money from someone solely based on their likeness?

: Look, IDGAblank what you think the rule should or shouldn't be in regard to the likeness, paying players debate, but the CURRENT rule is this is not allowed. Yet seconds after a win, you see players taking cash from OBJ and smoking in the locker room.

: The cash thing, imo, is a direct violation and should be dealt with (it won't because it was in the exciting aftermath of a national title game), but that should not excuse it or the rule. And the smoking thing, c'mon guys. Have some respect. Save the partying for the after party.

: Saw a report saying the reporters didn't even want to enter their locker room for interviews due to all the smoke.

: I see LSU a lot like I see Miami - a school with thug acting players (not all of them of course, exceptions to every stereotype) that care mostly about money and all things associated with swag and bad culture, even their supporters at ESPN acted like fools all season with that obnoxious bravado...and the entire DBU shtick they put out when they fail to recognize tOSU as even a contender for that made up and fake title.

: It may sound like with this rant that I was rooting for Clemson. Nope. I was rooting for a meteor strike. I am actually glad to have seen Burrow won, and that's the only reason I was ok with the outcome. Didn't watch a single second of it. I kept up with it by reading my fellow O-zoners...from what I heard Clemson got similarly screwed like what happened to us with a targeting and a reversed TD - love the karma if true.

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