Sure he improved. But explain Burrow 2018 spring game > Haskins 2018. Burrow pushed 2018 LSU out of stone age

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By "14-O" U. on 08:42:28 01/14/20
[In reply to "It is that simple. JB improved every year. He would not be '19 version w/o playing full-time in '18. *" by tGW, posted at 07:06:15 01/14/20]

offensively. Not saying the spring game is only the data point. But to compare Burrow at LSU to Haskins at OSU without acknowledging the difficulty of leaving his home & friends, new offense (terminology, coaches, etc.), building rapport with receivers, etc., that Burrow had to overcome is a bit naive.

I think Burrow is a bit better than Haskins. We'll never know for sure due to all variables, to date and in the future. But to think that Burrow got worse going to LSU (compared to his OSU stats) and then magically got great in 2019, isn't very logical.

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