Really? We have 4 more home games. I don't see us losing 3 of those 4. And one of our road games is at Nebraska (m)

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By BuckeyeJeff on 22:10:14 02/12/20
[In reply to "The rest of the schedule is tough. I just don't see more than 2 wins there. I'll be happy if I'm wrong. *" by Gold Pants, posted at 21:46:25 02/12/20]

We've won 4 of our last 5. Wisky was ugly but that was a road game. We've definitely righted the ship. Not saying we're a top 10 team.

I see us going at least 2-2 in our home games, and getting one on the road - most likely at Nebraska. That gives us 3 more regular season wins and puts us at 9-11. That would give us 19 regular season wins.

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