Officiating is the root of why basketball is so unwatchable. By extension, the rulebook as well. No one knows what is in

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By 1flybuckeye on 08:58:04 02/13/20
[In reply to "Did anyone else think there was a lot of grabbing and handchecking being allowed last night? (m)" by UVABuck, posted at 07:56:39 02/13/20]

it, and the standards set inside it are not held up consistently across the sport (from elementary age to the NBA).

I thought there were 7 fouls committed on the final inbounds to DW and yet none were called, and then they finally called the foul when AW got the ball, where I thought no foul occured.

Traveling, double-dribbling, feet shuffling, are all rampant. Flops, too many offensive fouls, not knowing what constitutes a charge, etc. are all plagues of basketball.

You can turn on a basketball game and literally have no idea what the refs will call, why, or why not, nor expect them to remain consistent throughout the entirety of the game for either team.

Even though I watch it and root for tOSU like crazy, I have held the opinion that basketball isn't even a sport anymore because of its inconsistent rules, rule enforcement, and the amount of influence that has on the outcome. It has been nearly unwatchable for me ever since I began playing it myself in high school, and the game is only getting worse.

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