Nothing new at all that the men "take over the game myself" mentality has crept in to sports...

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By 1flybuckeye on 09:40:57 02/13/20
[In reply to "Agree with your post, game has changed a lot since the 1970s for the worse. The MJ 'clear out' killed it for me. *" by Westlake Buck, posted at 09:23:38 02/13/20]

Frankly it has always been there, but the teams that win have usually been that - teams...with good pieces all the way around the team even without the most dominant of individuals at a said position.

What makes LeBron so fascinating is his ability to carry teams despite a lack of real help. MJ was great, but he sure had more help than LeBron did IMO.

Nevertheless, the sport, and many other sports have all adopted the me me me mentality and less of a team mentality. And that wouldn't be the WORST thing ever if it weren't effecting the game itself along with it.

Back "in the day" a good TEAM with plays and scheme, etc. could beat a "team" that had a showoff one person dominating type player. Either that player had an off-shooting day or the other team could bottle him up...point is they had a plan as a team to win. But now, especially with the introduction of the three point line, it's all been about stockpiling the most talent just for talent-sake and a whole lot less about team play and schematics.

The most useless position, imo, in literally the entire world is an NBA head basketball coach. What do they get paid to do? Make rotational substitutions based on fatigue? Heck I can do that for far less the money they get paid to do it.

Basketball just doesn't entertain me anymore. It's not even difficult for them as athletes to do what they do. It might be if some defense was being played...the only hope for bball still is college (NBA is ruined, and high school and below are simply trying to emulate their NBA idols), so the only hope left for team play ball is college, and it has been on a steadily slow death since the intro of the 3-point line and the selfish mentality.

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