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By Gerd on 10:49:31 02/13/20
[In reply to "Tony, after a full football season was it better covering the team under Urban or Day? *" by B_DeckUsher79, posted at 10:43:44 02/13/20]

Day gave us our Mondays back, so that was good. We asked him to move the Monday luncheon back to Tuesday like Tressel had it and he obliged. For that, he will always be a better head coach in my mind than Urban Meyer.

Meyer would tell you which metatarsal on JT Barrett's hand was broken. Day won't even acknowledge Justin Fields has hands.

Day is human. Meyer used to be. Maybe.

Tom and I have left the WHAC later than Day at times. Not sure that ever happened with Meyer.

But there really aren't a lot of difference because that building is so insulated.

Practices weren't anymore opened. Day learned from Meyer, after all, and why change what worked.

I think the only real difference is maybe that Day knows everybody's name.

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