Gonna work on a depth chart, but...

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By Gerd on 12:26:58 02/13/20
[In reply to "Gerd, What's the DB two deep now in your opinion with the dismissal of Riep and Whint? *" by losu1, posted at 12:06:37 02/13/20]

CB - Shaun Wade/Tyreke Johnson?/Lejond Cavazos?
CB - Cameron Brown or Sevyn Banks/Ryan Watts?
Slot Corner - Cam Brown or Sevyn Banks or Marcus Williamson
FS - Josh Proctor/Ronnie Hickman or Bryson Shaw
Bullet - Pete Werner/Craig Young?

Honestly, I have no flipping idea.

Heck, Jaelen Gill was a pretty darn good safety in his day as well.

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