Not yet. He was hired in June, so first year he was behind the 8-ball, but still brought in a decent class.

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By wigmon on 13:11:35 02/13/20
[In reply to "Gerd, should we start to be concerned about Holtmann's recruiting ability? Not overly impressed thus far" by losu1, posted at 12:34:30 02/13/20]

Year 2 was a short recruiting cycle (coaches have already had lots of contacts with HS juniors at the start of AAU). I'd say the class was so-so. The current frosh class was his first where he wasn't handicapped by taking over the job late. I think the frosh class is good, but Carton was the only one looked at as being an immediate impact player. The '21 class short on numbers and we missed out on the biggest targets, but the 2 guys we got will be good college players.

I think the start of his recruiting here at OSU has been a bit of a mixed bag, but acceptable given the program he took over. The two classes that are really going to tell are the '21 and '22 classes where there is a lot of talent in state and we have a reasonable number of scholarships to offer. We have 2 commits in the '21 class, a guard who has been hurt a lot, but I believe is a top 50 player when healthy and a skinny PF who is a bit of a project. We've got some high targets that we are looking to round out this class with and if we miss on them, then I'm gonna start to be a little concerned.

On the transfers, well, we needed the first couple of years because the roster was depleted. I wasn't all that sure about the Walker transfer, but we had no PG's coming back and it seems to be a pretty smart move to not have put it all on the back of a freshman PG. Sueing was a bit of a head scratcher for me as he is going to play the 3 and we have Jallow (assuming recovery) and Ahrens as upperclassmen at the 3 (all three will now be in the same class) and a frosh wing coming in. I am guessing the thought is that Sueing is an upgrade and has a different skill set as he's good at attacking the basket.

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