I would remove the '21 class from the discussion as only 11 of the top 100 have committed anywhere.

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By wigmon on 13:27:05 02/13/20
[In reply to "Let's look at his classes..." by Gerd, posted at 13:04:38 02/13/20]

: 2017: 24th nationally, 1st B1G
: 2018: 27th nationally, 6th B1G
: 2019: 14th nationally, 1st B1G
: 2020: 55th nationally, 8th B1G
: 2021: 2nd nationally, 1st B1G

In looking at the other classes, they are pretty far below where Matta was, but given the late hire and state of the program (missing the previous NCAA tourneys), I think the first 4 classes are acceptable.

The '21 class didn't get off to a bad start, but Johnson has been hurt and Etzler has fallen in the rankings. With the quality of the players in OH the next couple of classes, Holtmann really needs to reel in at least 2 or 3 top 50 guys.

On development, I'll say the jury is out. The '17 and '18 classes have had a bunch of injuries (Jallow, Muhammad, Ahrens, Young have all had significant set backs the past 1.5 years). I thought Jallow was showing some nice improvement at the end of last year and Washington has certainly played better this year than last. Kaleb has certainly improved areas of his game and obviously his athleticism. Andre has showed a little progression each year, but was never a high ceiling guy. The '19 class is the first one that I felt had guys with high ceilings and we'll see what their development looks like next year. What I think has been missing has been an establishment of the system and continuity. I think that in part had to do with having almost no recruits left over from the '15 and '16 classes and having to rely on 1-2 year transfers to fill the holes. That should stop being an excuse next year, but much hinges on Carton's status.

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