Only player on the team to do nothing but shoot 3's? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:24:00 02/13/20
[In reply to "You have no idea what he is being told to do on offense. Hanging at the 3 keeps a D from doubling on KW. *" by HilliardJoe, posted at 14:04:41 02/13/20]

Kaleb gets doubled most of the time regardless of who is in.

If Justin was opening Kaleb up inside then he would have more than 6 Assists on the season.

Justin can and must do more. Otherwise he is a one dimensional hood ornament.

Now is the time for him to do more. DJ is out. More minutes to be had. IF and when DJ comes back, if JA is mainly hanging out at the 3-point line he will be going back to mostly sitting on the bench.

I believe he can do more.

No justifying 1 madeFT and only 6 assists with 211 minutes of playing time.

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