why the worry over the guy that's 9th on the team in minutes per game?

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By Brutus on 14:35:50 02/13/20
[In reply to "Justin Ahrens in 211 minutes this year has a combined total of 12 for 2FGM, FTM, Assist, Steals, Blocks (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 13:40:07 02/13/20]

8th if you take out Carton since he's...out.

He's a limited player that plays limited minutes and only adds value if he's making 3s. Would it be nice if he was a more complete player? yup. sure would. But he isn't turning into Klay Thompson at this point of the season so as the coach of an offensively challenged team, Holt has to work with what he has.

: I am not against Justin playing.

: I am against Justin playing if all he is going to do is hang out at the 3-point line and only shoot 3's. This team needs him to do more.

: Justin can be a difference maker when he is making 3's, and at least being close to average in other areas of the game.

: Diebs had to learn this, but was never this one-dimensional.

: It puts a lot of extra pressure on other players to fill those other gaps. This team does not have that luxury.

: B1G opponents are too good and well coached and will have advantages in scheme.

: The opposite of this is having players that cause doubles on Offense, and an Defense can cover their guy and at same time give help to others. Kaleb is the only player other than DJ who can force doubles and move the Defense. Luther when he is on can do that on D to a certain degree.

: Justin has made 3 two-pointers this season and only made 1 Free Throw all year. This team needs more, and I believe Justin can do more. He just needs to do it. If and when he does he can be a huge x-factor for this team down the stretch.

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