Answer is he has not played less than 12 minutes in the last 7 games for starters (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:55:29 02/13/20
[In reply to "why the worry over the guy that's 9th on the team in minutes per game?" by Brutus, posted at 14:35:50 02/13/20]

This team is way down on depth with DJ out, so Justin is playing prime time minutes.

Many on this Board want him playing more.

I would be 100% OK with JA playing not just the 12-15 minutes of late but even more if he put more effort doing other things other than shooting 3's.

I am not buying that is all he is good at, or all he can do.

The issue if all he does for OSU is shoot 3's at 6'5" is you have to play him at the 3. You must have someone who can handle the ball somewhat in the backcourt if needed at the 2.

At the 3 that means Andre must sit, or go to the 4. Then you have a problem with Andre trying to guard much bigger and stronger 4's in the B1G. It starts a domino effect.

My post is not to suggest Justin needs to be good to great in any of these other areas. At least be decent though and make the opponent respect you as a player, or otherwise a B1G caliber team has huge advantages scheme wise when he is in.

This team needs Justin to shoot 3's well and be a difference maker there. Just do it and not be a major liability in so many other areas.

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