I agree in part, but disagreeing he cannot do more (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:21:19 02/13/20
[In reply to "seems like OSU is 5-2 in those 7 games where Aherns has played more minutes..." by Brutus, posted at 15:11:53 02/13/20]

With each new game there is new tape for opposing teams.

Last night Rutgers came after OSU hard in the final 10 minutes and upped the backcourt pressure. It is hard to play Justin in such situations because you need extra ballhandlers in. With the short bench it becomes a problem if a team starts earlier in the game.

Justin should set a goal to track Diebs career at OSU. Diebs improved a good bit, and had to overcome that stigma of being mainly a 3-point specialist.

Both of these guys were not just outside shooters in HS but scorers. Diebs did get stronger and worked on his weaknesses.

If Justin from time to time would simply give a hard pump fake from 3, and dribble twice and get to the paint and collapse the defense it would be a huge event. Do it twice, and then 3 times and it would open up sop many other parts of OSU's Offense.

Then in the off-season get stronger to handle more contact, work on quickness to improve defense and ability to drive, and work on dribbling once or twice to move the defense and ability to create with the pass. You do not have to get all the way to the hoop to influence and reshape a defense.

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