What else gives if he plays more? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:25:27 02/13/20
[In reply to "He has the second best ortg on the team and a reasonable points per 40 total. *" by wigmon, posted at 15:14:19 02/13/20]

Great extrapolating out what his points are to a 40 minute average.

What negatively does that impact on the rest of the team if JA plays all 40 minutes?

Does Andre sit so JA can play the 3, or does that mean Andre had to move to the 4?

If Andre moves to the 4 does that mean Kyle sits more, or EJ gets less minutes?

Andre is shooting the 3 at a higher percentage than JA is right now. I cannot think of anything else JA does better? So outside of spelling Andre a bit at the 3, or putting him in for a few minutes here or there and moving Andre to the 4 to go small it is a net negative for OSU.

Let me repeat. I like Justin Ahrens. My point here is he has way more potential than to simply be a 3-point shooter who has made only 1 FT all year, and only has 6 Assists. If you are a below average defender at your position you have to give more than this.

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