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By Barrett777 on 15:32:01 02/13/20
[In reply to "We don't have a player on the team that I would say is a great (probably not even good) ball handler. " by wigmon, posted at 15:25:19 02/13/20]

I have coached some tremendous ball handlers, shooters, and passers.

All of these skills can be worked at. Many individually. None were good let alone great who did not put in hours and hours on their own.

Then it comes to taking those skills in tons of pickup games, and then real games.

Diebs was a lot like Justim Ahrens. Difference was Diebs never had less than 45 Assists or 26 steals in a season at OSU. Yes he ran the 3-point line mostly, but he would do other things as well even if not great at it.

Diebs made 216 FT's in his career.

Justin has made only 11 in his career. How is that possible playing 450 career minutes? That is like no contact at all.

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