Your question is shockingly bad given your basketball experience...

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By BUCKEYE_Bomber on 15:35:44 02/13/20
[In reply to "Wrong. Played and then coached for an additional two decades. High school and high level AAU (m)" by Barrett777, posted at 14:30:27 02/13/20]

... having the skill to shoot 3’s well has nothing to do with the skill of dribbling a basketball. Also, the further you move in to the hoop the tighter the defense will be and the easier it is for the defense to collapse on you so it is harder to get a clean look. That is the main argument why, in a game, many players shoot better from 3 than from 2. Really this is basic basketball stuff I’m saying here which you should be well aware of if you ha e the basketball experience you claim to have.

: Coached some First team all-state players and shooters that were some of the best in the entire state.

: I have coached against former OSU starters, and also some current D1 coaches in AAU who were coaching their sons, etc.. .

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