OSU is #18 in country in 3FG%, and only #168 in 2FG%. JA makes that worse when minutes go up (m)

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By Barrett777 on 15:05:55 02/13/20
[In reply to "I could argue we should be taking more threes as our eFG% as a team is better from three than 2. *" by wigmon, posted at 16:20:37 02/13/20]

The formula you propose will not lead to Championships and it will be a total live and die by the 3. Most of the time on the road teams shoot poorly, so OSU already playing too much this way has led to being not so good when not shooting great from the outside.

This team has too many players that do one or two things well, and then are weak in too many other areas. It makes for lulls in games, bad stretches across games, and more of a momentum type team.

Kyle is sort of the flip of JA. Does not shoot well from the outside, but has a great floor game for an undersized Post. Both need to round out their games so as to no be able to be exploited by schemes of opposing coaches.

Ironically two of the most well rounded players are the Wessons and they tend to be the most criticized on the Board. Their combined 3-point shooting percentage is the same as Justin's, and they do everything else better in every other area. Yet they get slammed a lot. Both will be missed next year.

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