was laughing with my dad last night, great story (m)

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By MagicBuck on 06:39:09 03/25/20

He and I and a couple others went to the 2005 game. Troy Smith with the two late drives to shock the jackasses up north.

Group of guys in front of us, one guy, sort of a pompous type had on his brand new blue addidas um coat.

Middle of the second quarter, my dad chomps the first bite of a hot dog and out the other side squirts a blob of mustard right onto the guy's coat. My dad, then 62 years old, our friends and I laughed like we were a bunch of junior high schoolers at a sleepover. Some other scummers around us chuckled a bit as well.

Dad tried to delicately wipe it off without the guy knowing. Finally said screw it.

We still laugh to this day. That mustard was like in slow motion as it went airborne toward the coat.

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