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By PremiumBuck on 08:23:46 03/25/20
[In reply to "And while I'm here, I think most of you are a-holes (tic btw) but this is still great site. A credit to Mr. Ed. *" by 00BuckShot, posted at 07:06:03 03/25/20]

Make no mistake it is a business. An advertising platform. They need readership via clicks to pay bills. They made the decision to change their product and rightly or wrongly they will reap the results.

Like I have said, if Chick-fila did away with waffle fries they would lose a certain percentage of patronage that loved their waffle fries and therefore don't find Chick-fila as appealing. It doesn't really matter why they did away with waffle fries but it might matter if they continued to say "we don't care if you stay or not" to the waffle fry fans.

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