You are negative Nancy on every OSU MBB post here. Par for the course. (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:39:22 03/25/20
[In reply to "I didn’t speculate on DW. The poster I responded to did. *" by buckeyecurt, posted at 11:24:22 03/25/20]

CH is an outstanding Coach.

Just because he does not placate to the players that want to play undisciplined AAU style basketball with sloppy play and selfish gambling defense does not make him a bad coach. Rather the opposite.

Instead of you focusing on the positives of Seth Towns , Justice Sueing, Jallow, Eugene Brown, and Zed Key being added to OSU's roster next year you are trashing the team suggesting they will not be able to score 60 ppg without DW.

If DW transfers out (which I doubt), there are some other really good options such as Carlik Jones in the portal who could more than make up for the loss of DW.

My guess is it is someone different, but no reason to speculate until the rumor is verified of who it actually is.

CJ Walker, Luther Muhammad, Duane Washington, Musa Jallow, Justice Sueing, Seth Towns, EJ Liddell, and Kyle Young is a great foundation for a team. That is without counting any contribution from thr two freshmen, Diallo, or Ahrens.

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