Would have to think it would be players unhappy due to prospects of little to no PT? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 13:06:47 03/25/20
[In reply to "all for it - but somebody's gotta go? *" by woodhaze, posted at 13:01:53 03/25/20]

CH knows the situation so it will all work out.

This would affect Diallo directly for sure. Not sure how he sees the court if Kaleb comes back? EJ will be needing way more minutes than he got this past year. Kyle will also be playing a lot.

I think Ahrens stays because he is happy with his role, CH, and OSU. I also do not see how he matches last year's PT with both Sueing and Towns playing his same position, and then Jallow coming back as well.

Jallow might be a maybe if he sees himself getting pinched for PT, but he seems happy at OSU.

Not sure who it would be if Kaleb is staying, but it will most likely make sense once it would be official given the roster moves.

Beyond Kaleb, OSU is in on some other very nice portal prospects.

This is becoming like the NBA on steroids with all of the off-season roster movement.

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