How many times did OSU sack Tom Brady in his 2 games against the Bucks? (m)

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By Barrett777 on 14:57:44 05/19/20

Answer is 11 times.

7 in 1998, and 4 in 1999.

SCum won in 1999 in large part because of Steve Bellisari going 8 for 20 with 2 picks and only 84 yards passing.

OSU outrushed SCUM by a combined total of 395-143 yards in the 98 & 99 games combined. If not for the two costly picks in 99 Brady would have been 0-2 versus OSU.

SCum was transitioning to more of a pro pocket style passer at that time. Many of them were statues.

OSU started moving more to QB's that could make plays with their arm and legs.

SCum can find all the HS Tom Brady's they want. Maybe they will turn out to be something in the NFL down the road, but they have been roadkill when facing OSU defenses.

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