We will wait and see. First I want to see super dual threat Justin Fields for one more year hopefully in an OSU uniform

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By Barrett777 on 15:47:09 05/19/20
[In reply to "Your thoughts on OSU/Day going with more passing oriented, less athletic (mobile enough) QBs in upcoming classes? *" by JK's Jump Cut, posted at 15:26:05 05/19/20]

Two years out is a long ways away in this world with a lot that can change.

Overall I NEVER want to see OSU not be able to dominate in the trenches, and in the run game. Yes, I do believe a dual threat QB is a huge factor in the run game.

Colleges are very limited in the number of hours to practice, and highly sophisticated pass attacks like the ones in the NFL require a lot more practice and study time than colleges allow.

Think of the answer to this question. How many OSU games can you remember that OSU lost when the Bucks had the lead, a 1st and 10 inside opponent territory, and the clock below 6 minutes left in the game?

It has happened very few times, and it took a combination of an Offense that could not punch out a few more First Downs on Offense to run the clock down and out, and a Defense or Special Teams that broke down late giving up big plays.

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