He took a NFL team to a Super Bowl as a HC. Let’s be real (m)

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By Barrett777 on 16:25:51 05/19/20
[In reply to "Stop... what evidence can you cite of him being a good coach (he had a good an at Stanford) *" by the displaced Buckeye, posted at 16:04:51 05/19/20]

He is super goofy, he can be a jerk, he is aloof, and he is a bonafide Scum’er.

All that said, I was there is person when he led the Weasels to a win in Columbus, and he has won at both college and NFL level.

Let’s not lose respect the way SCum did at turn of the century, and simply keep the foot down always remembering it is a very dangerous weasel if it escapes from the foot on top of its neck.

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