OSU played six Sagarin top-30 teams last year, four of them top-ten ... both numbers exact same as Michigan.

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By Zanzibar on 14:34:35 05/22/20
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The real difference between the programs isn't the quality of the slate; it's the results against it. Results against Sagarin-top-ten opponents:

Ohio State
* beat Wisconsin twice (38-7 and 34-21),
* beat Penn State (28-17), and
* lost to Clemson (29-23).

OSU vs Sagarin's top ten: 3-1, a one-score loss and three double-digit wins.

* got crushed by Wisconsin (35-14),
* got crushed by Ohio State (56-27),
* got crushed by Alabama (35-16), and
* lost to Penn State (28-21).

UM vs Sagarin's top ten: 0-4, a one-score loss and three double-digit losses.

We joke that Michigan's schedule is harder because Michigan has to play Ohio State while Ohio State only needs to play Michigan. But it's actually true in this case.

Had Michigan been good enough to make Sagarin's top ten, Ohio State's schedule would have been stronger. The only reason Michigan matches OSU's numbers is that OSU was top-ten (and counts as a top opponent for Michigan), while Michigan doesn't count as one for OSU.

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