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By WolfBuck on 14:45:31 06/22/20
[In reply to "Does anyone have a sense when OSU coming out with stadium protocols for this season? Waiting on season tix... *" by BuckeyeBrad, posted at 13:23:06 06/22/20]

I think the ticket office is faced with a dilemma.

Social distancing protocols are strict now, but might not
be so later, in say August.

How long can they wait for 2020 seat selection? Too
early and they sell fewer tickets. Later may sell
more tickets, but might result in delivery problems.

There is also the worry that season might be short, perhaps only ten games (BG and Buffalo?). That means partial refunds unless new opponents are found.

I am aware of their plan to go to e-tickets, so printing is not a factor. But it could be a programming nightmare.

I'm a retired programmer and nothing is worse than making
a critical change with a short deadline and nebulous specifications.

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