That is why the MAC is the MAC. Three months ago I said the SEC schools, Clemson, Texas, Okie are all playing (m)

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By Barrett777 on 09:54:57 06/23/20
[In reply to "From a friend of a friend who is a MAC asst coach: " by buckeyecurt, posted at 08:53:19 06/23/20]

They will handle anyone getting infected on the team different than the MAC or schools/leagues with similar mindsets.

PGA had Nick Watney test positive. No one else is quarantined.

Most of these players will not even show symptoms, and it is still debated how long they are contagious if much at all if no symptoms.

These are very young and healthy athletes.

There is also a reason that Clemson, Bama and some other southern schools have had reports of larger numbers of players already having CV-19. Meanwhile, I do not think I have heard a single B1G player testing positive?

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