It is very contagious in general (m)

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By Barrett777 on 11:53:05 06/23/20
[In reply to "You just contradicted yourself. Which is it? "not that contagious," or "very contagious." Your words. *" by Purgatory Buck, posted at 11:12:47 06/23/20]

It is not fully determined the length and veracity of younger healthy people spreading it. Surely there is a time period, but most things I have read is it is below the 14 days that say a 40+ and on up could carry it.

Young folks in normal times get around lots of people continuously so it becomes an odds thing.

In stores and places I would go the average age is well above the 18-22 year old college player age. Thus the chance of those age groups carrying it are longer.

If students were allowed to go to school with no extra conditions put on them it would spread like wild fire. The constant contact would spread it. Knowing what we no know I agree with many who think the sooner we get all the young back in school and full activities the better. As part of that scenario those at risk should be fully locked down for a few months while the healthy spread it massively. Always the better solution for decreasing the total deaths and saving the economy (which saves thousands of lives) versus the drip-drop strategy and not locking down nursing homes.

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