good list. a more in-depth look at OSU's dominance over the B1G.

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By jackhyde on 12:28:22 06/24/20
[In reply to "I'd add Iowa, NW, & Huskers to your 'contenders' list. M" by BuckeyeDale, posted at 11:27:47 06/24/20]

I'd add that Wisconsin is in 2nd place for a reason. They've played consistently good (but not elite) football over the last 10 years. scUM has no excuse for not having won the B1G since 2004. People forget that the first 3 years of the B1G Championship Game (2011-2013), scUM was in the opposite division from OSU, Wisconsin and PSU. ...and they still could not get to Indy.

: I did this several months ago, when someone else initiated something similar...

: Let me preface this by saying this was not my idea/invention. On another board, someone was trying to make a point about OSU's domination of the B1G during the decade of 2010 -19. My problem was he stopped at six teams in his rankings.
: His were OSU, Wiscy, Mitton St, MissedAgain, Ped St, & Iowa. He used the records of his top 6 against each other as his focal point...I added Nebackdoor & Northworstern to the table, and here is what all that revealed:

: Team Overall Top 8
: OSU 117-18 46-9
: Wisc 102-34 33-22
: MSU 92-40 27-25
: PSU 88-42 23-24
: Missed 85-44 20-28
: Iowa 81-49 20-29
: Neb 75-54 19-28
: NW 72-56 18-34

: Besides a decent record, I thought it was appropriate to add those last two because they've both competed in the Conference Championship Game.
: The other point of this (in MY opinion) is that I think in the interests of fairness, the conference schedule should be adjusted as follows:
: Break the divisions down into A & B groups. A group being the top four teams in each division. With the cross-conference play, each A group plays two A group teams from the other division. Maintain this grouping for 10 years, then re-figure. (I'd bet that there wouldn't be a hekk of a lot of change).

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