"top" = most accomplished, I guess? Doesn't seem like a list of best/strongest teams...

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By Zanzibar on 09:41:13 06/25/20
[In reply to "Top 30 B1G Teams of the Modern Era (Expansion, BCS, CFP)" by jackhyde, posted at 18:56:17 06/24/20]

I think OSU 2019 would pants most every other team on that list.

OSU 2014 was really good at bowl time, but shakier during the season than, say, PSU '94 or OSU '98. They lost to a VaTech team that wasn't all that good.

PSU 1994 was a machine that deserved half of the NC and would be heavy favorites over UM '97 at least.

OSU 2012 at #9? I just finished re-watching the 2012 season (Urban's first year) and I definitely wouldn't rank them all that high. They barely edged Cal (thanks in part to the Bears missing three field goals), could not stop their offense at all. Squeaked past Sparty by one point, committing three turnovers. Needed a miracle comeback just to get to overtime vs Purdue. Needed OT to edge Wisconsin. Had to come from behind to beat Michigan.

I wonder how different Urban's tenure would be had he started out 3-2, then lost the close games later on. Could have been a 7-5 season instead of 12-0, very easily. Give Urban credit: he won those games. But the 2012 team was smoke and mirrors, and narrowly avoided multiple losses -- despite playing a weak non-conference slate AND it being an unusually weak year for the B1G.

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