Easy Jeff. I am the biggest football fan you will ever meet. I want football more than I want (m)

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By buckeyecurt on 01:59:18 06/26/20
[In reply to "Your "Oh, I want everything open but the sky is falling!" schtick is so tiring. Just admit that you're very happy (m)" by BuckeyeJeff, posted at 18:58:50 06/25/20]

the economy to recover. Every single piece of bad news right now is affecting my ability to watch football. I would endorse an entire economic shutdown at this point if someone said it would mean I can have football in September.

It is selfish, it is shortsighted, & it is irrational. But football is the only sport that I truly don’t think I know how to live without.

And no, I’m not entirely negative about this stuff. I think the NFL is going to play football no matter what. I think Thamel’s article simply does a nice job of pointing out how much harder it is going to be for CFB.

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