I don’t know what you want me to say? Economy should be open, sports should be open. (m)

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By buckeyecurt on 05:41:10 06/26/20
[In reply to "Every one of your posts is entirely negative. When the news was positive, you were silent (m)" by BuckeyeJeff, posted at 05:25:30 06/26/20]

I’m not as comfortable with schools & large gatherings yet. That’s just a personal opinion. I don’t love how packed our local ball diamonds are with parents & spectators not social distancing. We are going to get football with no fans but for some reason there can be 100+ fans for little Timmy’s t-ball game? Seems unnecessary to me.

Everything that should be open is open. Now wear a damn mask & we can keep it that way.

I will post a positive article about College Football’s likelihood as soon as I see one. Thamels article basically says the actual men who coach these kids see no way it’s going to happen. I think it should but they need to get past any requirements around on campus learning & crowd requirements. I don’t think administrators want anything to do with either of those scenarios.

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